Using your donations

Donations help us provide a better service to those who need it most. Donating to our charities will enable the vital services needed to give rough sleepers a helping hand.  Donations will be divided equally between charities.

You can help us provide services for the homeless and rough sleepers by donating to us.  Donations are distributed amongst our partners according to the needs of the clients.

  • £40 can buy a client a starter pack, consisting of new bedding, new crockery cutlery and utensils, 2 saucepans, tin opener tea towel, bath towel, cleaning items , laundry basket, basic food parcel and basic toiletries
  • £25 can buy Love To Shop vouchers for food, clothiing and toiletries
  • £20 can buy a brand new bedding set with pillow and duvet cover and towels
  • £5 buys a toiletry set
  • £5 meal vouchers